A styled shoot put together for my princess warriors. Inspiration started with a “Curly Mohawk” hair tutorial from Sweethearts Hair and the story of Boudica they had learned at school. We handmade the braids and bracelets and wraps for their arms and legs as well a choker. Outfits were a combination of scarves and repurposed furry hoods! A little research on Celtic warrior facepaint and we had our look.

Watch this space!

Our house has been gearing up for Halloween in the last few weeks from trying out our potions and poisons shoot to sending the girls off to sorcery school! Our 5 yr old could be heard for miles shouting “Hocus Pocus” as she created her spells and made magic. Our potions and poisons shoot is great fun with lots of imagination from the kids! Some of the spells they wanted to cast… Read More