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Our house has been gearing up for Halloween in the last few weeks from trying out our potions and poisons shoot to sending the girls off to sorcery school!

Our 5 yr old could be heard for miles shouting “Hocus Pocus” as she created her spells and made magic. Our potions and poisons shoot is great fun with lots of imagination from the kids! Some of the spells they wanted to cast made me wonder whether I was bringing up children with great imaginations or evil geniuses!

To build on their new spell making skills the girls were sent to sorcery school at Kentwell Hall.

It was an amazing day of witchcraft and wizardry. We saw so much awe in the eyes of our 5yr old and our 10yr old questioning could it all be real!

All in all we are ready for Halloween and have learnt spells a plenty!

To book a potions and poisons shoot get in touch below!

The Last Time

People always say how fast life goes by and as a parent I am always torn between wanting my kids to stay little and wanting them to grow up into confident and courageous  women!

Chatting with my Mum about growing up and who we have become she has also felt that divide. She definitely raised us to be independent but I think on the inside we became a little too independent as we got on and did things in life on our own.

I don’t want life to go by without soaking in as many of the moments with my kids as possible.¬† It isn’t always the big things that we miss, the little everyday things that we do for our kids mean so much and as they grow the list of things we can do for them gets smaller or changes.¬† There will be a last time to help them put on their shoes, doing their hair, helping them with the buttons on their clothes and so on. The worst thing is, that last moment creeps up on us without us even realising it and then the moment is gone. How long before we realise that it was the last time?

I watched my youngest try on her uniform for school and checking that it fits this morning and I welled up thinking of how she has grown. We had the opportunity to take our time and practice doing the buttons up and getting our tie on, I thought this is the chance to soak it in and capture the memory as once it all begins in September it will so often be a rush and we end up telling them for the 100th time to get their shoes on or find their tie while we put the last of the lunch together or get a mouthful of breakfast.(#notaperfectlife!) I am so glad I captured those little fingers doing buttons and half putting on a sock, then flopping it around until asking for help.

I will miss these little moments as the kids grow but excited to see the strong independent women we are raising!


New Christmas Bacdrops!

Why not get in touch about our Christmas Minis! Click on the link below.

Holidays are coming…

Our Christmas minis are returning this year on the 7th and 14th of November in Sudbury. Our Christmas Kitchen will be ready as well as the addition of some new digital backdrops. Can’t see Santa then why not opt for a digital backdrop with Santa. Why not create your own Christmas cards, Decorations etc. with your beautiful Christmas photos?

School’s in Session!

I have never known my kids to be excited for school but after months of remote learning/ homeschooling they are so ready for it, as are most parents no doubt! Our two went back for the last half term as they were in the targeted year groups. I never thought in my lifetime the phrase, ” If you don’t start behaving, you won’t go to school” would have worked but it did, many times!

We had great fun in our “Classroom” for this shoot.

The lock down hit my kids pretty hard, they felt like they were under house arrest as movements were limited and days out were a thing in the past. We are all still concerned about Covid but still wanted some days out. Images on social media of large crowds and people not social distancing had put me off going out, At this point the girls were going stir crazy at home. So we finally planned a beach day, although it meant a 5:30am wake up to make sure we could enjoy the beach without the crowds, but it was so worth it.

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